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Welcome to our website!

Tandem Crafts is owned and run by us - two sisters, Cath and Ann.

A culmination of years spent around loving and caring parents, allowed us to be creative – a trait of the family. Both parents had different interests, and as young children we spent many hours helping and learning new skills which have become useful in day-to-day life, as well as remaining a hobby, and passing on these skills, as well as love and attention, is something that we are hugely passionate about.

There is no age restriction on the activities that we provide allowing people of any age to take part and learn new skills..

A few words about us

Studio 7

Redhouse glass cone

high Street



Opening times:

Monday 10am to 3pm

Tuesday 10am to 3pm

Wednesday 10am to 3pm

Friday 10am to 3pm

Saturday 11am to 4pm

Sunday 11am to 4pm

Studio may be open on other days please check website